Wednesday, February 24, 2010


my name is Sarah, and I am an internet-shopping addict. I might just be a shopping addict, but I do hate going to the mall. In moments of despair (when there is no chocolate to be found) I turn to the internet to shop. And I desperately buy things to make me a better person. Or a more fun and creative person. Or more stylish. Alas, when these things arrive in the mail, I realize (after removing the tags, of course), they really aren't what I needed.

What to do, what to do? I have not yet bought those shoes I wrote about in the previous post. Thank goodness, as they are expensive! I did, however, buy a polaroid camera, a light scarf, two pair of flats (granted, they were very inexpensive, but still), headphones for my smartphone (so unnecessary), and a few things for my toddler - uh, clothes and bedsheets (so, not toys at least). Oddly, I suddenly thought while I was attempting to talk myself out of a lovely Kate Spade bag, "what would happen if I didn't buy it." Well, gee. Nothing! I wouldn't have a super stylish bag for the first day on my new job, but then, I don't have a new job. So - not a problem, huh? Can I talk myself out of my addiction?

Just remember: What would happen if I did NOT buy this item?

I want to know if all this time (and we're talking, oh 10 years now) that's all it takes? Telling myself that the world will not end if I don't acquire this new obsession?

Later this week - my first thoughts on the new camera bags from Epiphanie Bags.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh the things I could do...

...if I only had these shoes. But I seriously doubt I would wear them. Since when do I wear 4 inch platform heels as a stay-at-home mom? I suspect it's my alter ego who has been making crazy purchases like this for years now. She has many, many interests - shoes, rubber stamping, scrapbooking, photography - digital, toy, and polaroid, yoga, running, knitting, painting, drawing, organizing, and technology (there is a computer waiting to be BUILT in my living room - I kid you not). When will she stop buying things and actually come out to use the items we've collected for her? Honestly, who knows?

Really, I should try and get rid of some of the things that she has collected over the years. We're rather buried underneath all of this (fun) stuff. It all looks really great and fun, too. Just wish I knew what to do with it! A few months ago I thought to start a blog about all the things that I want but really, really shouldn't buy.

I think I might be able to save the world in those heels. Or at least look stylish trying.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the Lotus

I have always loved the lotus flower. Perhaps this love stems from my love of Egyptian archaeology when I was young. My [wonderful, inspiring, amazing] aunt gave me teeny Egyptian lotus earrings many years ago. I treasured them because of what they represented to me - travel, archaeology, family. When I met my first real lotus flower, I became enamored with her form, lines, and subtle beauty. She represents wisdom, life, beauty, mystery. Although my photography surely needs work, I continue to photograph any lotus I come upon. They aren't found in the wild here, though, so it isn't often enough.