Wednesday, February 24, 2010


my name is Sarah, and I am an internet-shopping addict. I might just be a shopping addict, but I do hate going to the mall. In moments of despair (when there is no chocolate to be found) I turn to the internet to shop. And I desperately buy things to make me a better person. Or a more fun and creative person. Or more stylish. Alas, when these things arrive in the mail, I realize (after removing the tags, of course), they really aren't what I needed.

What to do, what to do? I have not yet bought those shoes I wrote about in the previous post. Thank goodness, as they are expensive! I did, however, buy a polaroid camera, a light scarf, two pair of flats (granted, they were very inexpensive, but still), headphones for my smartphone (so unnecessary), and a few things for my toddler - uh, clothes and bedsheets (so, not toys at least). Oddly, I suddenly thought while I was attempting to talk myself out of a lovely Kate Spade bag, "what would happen if I didn't buy it." Well, gee. Nothing! I wouldn't have a super stylish bag for the first day on my new job, but then, I don't have a new job. So - not a problem, huh? Can I talk myself out of my addiction?

Just remember: What would happen if I did NOT buy this item?

I want to know if all this time (and we're talking, oh 10 years now) that's all it takes? Telling myself that the world will not end if I don't acquire this new obsession?

Later this week - my first thoughts on the new camera bags from Epiphanie Bags.

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