Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check Out: Epiphanie Camera Bags

I know I promised my first thoughts on my new camera bag:

This is Ginger. I haven't used it much yet, and I am not a professional photographer, but it is lovely! In fact, I'm a bit concerned about how much it looks like my real purse (which is a Cole Haan from who knows what year that I scored on eBay). The Epiphanie bag is synthetic, rather than real, leather, but is plenty soft to the touch. Does it feel exactly like leather? Not like my other purse, no. The zippers are not quite as smooth as the Cole Haan, and I do like a good zipper.
One of my major pet peeves is dark-colored interiors. As you might glimpse above, the interior is a lovely bright shade of blue. My other purse? Yeah, not so much - it's dark brown and so difficult to see inside. Ginger has some really fun zipped pockets along both ends - I just LOVE the extra pockets.

What else is great? It isn't especially heavy (leather can be very heavy, not always a great thing with a heavy dSLR, don't you think?), even with my camera and three lenses inside. The straps on Ginger are long enough to hold the bag on your shoulder, even with the width of the bag (a full 8" wide at the base). There is a long shoulder strap included, and so far, I really like being able to carry the bag with the extra strap.

Lola (red) and Belle (teal) are the other two models available right now. Belle is very awkward to carry on the shoulder due to the smaller straps (a true handbag, can be worn on the forearm), however the long shoulder strap can be used across the body. I love the details on Belle, the color is so fun, but I personally like the versatility of Ginger and the way it feels on my shoulder. Much easier for me to carry. I don't want to always need the cross-body strap.

I'm thinking of doing a video review to better show off the bags and show you how they compare to my regular purse, and maybe even my ancient Tamrac camera bag!


  1. I covet your epiphanie purse/camera bag!
    (I am from your Mondo class, hello!)

    I was also going to tell you that I started hosting my blog pictures on flickr instead of through blogspot because I found the quality on flickr to be so much better. I also like the technical aspect of it where I can click on a photo I love (and your photos are divine) and I can see aperture/shutter speed/camera type.

    Can't wait to see where Mondo takes you!

  2. I would love to see your video - did you make it?
    I have been wondering what the pros and cons are of each bag (was thinking of getting the belle but thought it may not be as comfortable due to the straps but the Lola does not have as many nor zippable pockets. glad to hear your comments on the the belle not being comfortable for shoulders as it is so hard to tell online).

    What about comparisons with Kelly Moore bags any info on those?

  3. Do you still like yours? Mine arrived today and I think I'm a bit put off by how deep it is (front to back). It doesn't seem like it's built to hold a camera lens down and my 5D+20-70 barely fits in when going front to back. The whole thing just seems....HUGE! (And I'm used to carrying a Crumpler 6M Dollar Home around day to day, so it's not like I'm used to a tiny bag.)