Tuesday, March 23, 2010

33 Things {About Me}

photo by Dick Lord

I am continually in chaos.

In fact, I used to think I was chaos incarnate.

I kid you not. I called myself “eris,” goddess of discord.

Back in the 1990s I became addicted to “talkers” on the internet - and I’m sure most of you have never even heard of such things.

I fell in “love” with someone (many someones) on these talkers.

One spring break in college I flew out to MEET one of these crazy people. Turns out I couldn’t stand him irl (in real life).

Can I just say, DUH?

When I was ten years old I wanted to be either Nancy Drew or an archaeologist. I have been an archaeologist, but have yet to become an 18-year-old detective. A girl can dream, right?

I went to grad school for five years, but failed to finish my master’s thesis.

But I still love archaeology (but, just so you know, it can be boring to dig and dig and dig and only find potsherds - you really have to love the dirt).

I’m just not very motivated.

I can knit. I just don’t do it very often. I have been making a scarf for almost a year now.

I am a kitchen dunce, and almost always use recipes.

Drives my husband crazy, since he never cooks with recipes.

It took years before I appreciated the western United States.

Then I moved away.

I desperately miss the mountains.

And cities aren’t as great as I once thought.

Since I was young, I’ve also wanted to build furniture.

Or carve wood.

I have done neither.

I love cheese - as long as it isn’t melted.

I HATE melted cheese - the smell, the sight, the taste. Makes me nauseous.

Yes, I know that’s weird - but I’m sure you have some odd food quirks, too.

In fact, I can’t deal with anything gooey or stringy. Like caramel. Or that nasty okra goo. Use your imagination - if it seems gooey or stringy, no I will not eat it.

I love bags. Of all kinds, I’m not a snob. If it’s a bag, I can find a place for it in my life! But not necessarily space for it in my house (and my husband will be quite upset if another one lands in our house anytime soon).

I used to tote around my toys in grocery bags, so this love is long-lived. My son seems to have picked this up. Which might be unfortunate, as men do not carry purses.

I love photography and have way too many cameras, including a Holga 120, a Blackbird Fly, an old Canon Rangefinder, two SX-70 land cameras, a Polaroid 250? 320?, a Canon Rebel SLR and dSLR, a Nikon FE, and a Canon point and shoot.

Not all of them work.

I rarely wear dresses, skirts, or high heels.

I love browsing shoes, but I am quite picky about comfort.

Sometimes I write in a journal. But I censor myself. (why? because I'm a snoop. think about it.)

And last - I'm very honest. Sometimes, too honest!

{inspired by Elise and Cathy}


  1. I cannot handle jello. Unfortunately, it is the only thing my mother makes well. :)

    I always censor myself in my journal.

    AND...have plenty of unfinished knitting projects.

  2. He could call it a man-purse. ;)

    I need recipes too. I am envious of people who can cook without them, or use them as a loose guide only.

    (Came over from Mondo Beyondo :)

  3. i feel very similar...especially love for bags..i think in H.S. i carried 3-4 bags daily!

    (i too discovered you from MB :)