Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are a couple of recent polaroid shots that I took this past week. I feel a bit more comfortable with the Artistic TZ film than the 600 film - in part because I have to remember to put the filter on the film pack. Initially I forgot, and of course, the photo I shot was quite light.

Twisted Tree

These Chains

Those two are Artistic TZ film. I just love those chains - who knows how long they've been there? {at least 2 years} At Wilson Park in Chicago there is this beautiful, twisted tree (first photo above). I have never been brave enough to photograph it, because I felt I wouldn't capture it's essence. The photograph isn't perfect, but it makes me happy. {giddy, even}

Dreamy Bastet

This is one of my 600 shots - not at all what I'd intended! I've taken three shots so far, and none is very good. This is my favorite, despite it's odd coloring and all. In fact, I'm thinking now that I'd like to photograph my memories with the SX-70. I'm a bit giddy thinking about taking more photographs with film! Yes, I've still been using my digital camera - but mostly to photograph my toddler (he's really too fast for the SX-70 and manual focus).

Ok, I'm off to make dinner. We seem to have come down with season-change colds, and my son (who is speaking VERY loudly behind me) kept me up most of the night. That might also explain why I've felt so forgetful today.

*I have a few more camera bags to post about! I realized that I completely forgot about Etsy sellers - and there are a few interesting options there.


  1. visiting via mondo beyondo, nice photos! i especially love the cat :)