Friday, April 2, 2010

Etsy Finds {Pretty Camera Bags}

Amazing! I had no idea there were so many options out there for fun, stylish camera bags. Yes, I mean besides throwing your camera in a super-fancy purse wrapped in a diaper/scarf/t-shirt. So, here is Part Two of the Camera Bag for Women list { edition}. Find Part One here.

Janine King Designs carries laptop bags, iPad cases, purses and totes, as well as camera bags - all with many wonderful fabric choices. These camera bags are about 9"x9"x5" with a messenger-style strap.Fun, huh? I love that fabric choice. Don't worry if this one doesn't suit your fancy - she's got many more colorful options. Just go check out her shop. These are usually $70, but some are currently on sale for $60.

Gypsy Rose Handbags offers multiple sizes of SnugglensTM camera bags - mini through large! So, if you're looking for a bag that will only hold your dSLR, or maybe even an advanced point-and-shoot - Gypsy Rose Handbags might have something for you. Again, these bags are messenger-style with colorful fabric flaps.
Above is "asian splendor" in the small/medium size - 9"x9"x5.5" - this should fit just a couple of lenses and your dSLR perfectly. I just love the snap closure to keep everything more secure:Isn't this mini one just adorable?

Gypsy Rose camera bags cost between $70-$120, depending on size. Check out this large version:
Is that not amazing? Look at all that stuff in there! This one is 15"x9"x5" and is a diaper bag/camera bag combo.

Martilena Handmade Bags sells laptop bags, camera bags, pouches, and even lens sleeves. Hmm. I might need some lens sleeves, just for fun.
The Slim Moxi bag runs 9"x8"x5" and is a messenger-style bag with a long, adjustable strap. There are three pockets on the exterior - two open slots in the back, one zippered under the flap in the front. These are custom-made bags, and you can choose any of the cotton print fabrics from that are less than $10 per yard (there are a LOT of options). You can choose black, brown, charcoal, or bright red cordura fabric for the exterior, and you can choose the interior color as well.Here is the larger Meridian bag (10"x10"x7"):There are a few other size options, and these bags are priced between $55 and $95 each, depending on size.

Ketti Handbags does not currently have any camera bags listed, but I saw one the other day that was so fun I just had to save it as a favorite! These are also custom-made bags, so if you are interested, just send a message to the seller.

This bag is a purse-style bag, and so cute! It's 16"x11"x5" with three separate interior compartments, the center one large enough for a Canon 5d. Made of cotton upholstery fabric, this is not likely an especially water-resistant bag. Since this sold before I managed to write up my Etsy findings, I do not recall the price.

Xcess Rize Designs is yet another Etsy store with camera bag offerings! Jackie also sells yoga mat bags, Kindle/ebook Reader bags, as well as combo bags (camera & laptop!). Xcess Rize camera bags are messenger-style bags with customizable flaps and adjustable straps, ranging in price from $70 to $130.

Here is the small Hobo version (11"x9"x4" - $70). I like the fabric combination on this one (although I'm a bit concerned about that lens without a cover in the interior photo below - eek).

Here is the laptop/camera bag (18"x11"x5" - $130). It's crazy how much stuff you can cram in there, isn't it? I'm not sure I'd want to put my laptop in a bag with my camera and accessories, but it might be a great bag for a student who carries both often.

Xcess Rize Designs has medium-sized bags as well, if you're looking for something a bit smaller, and you don't need the bag to hold your laptop.

Would you believe that I used to carry my old SLR (pre-digital) in a small, soft-sided cooler? In fact, I bet the camera is still in that {purple} cooler.


  1. Oh I love the yellow one! It's so sunny! I need something like this for my big road trip coming up- I have a really nice camera and always feel like I'm on the verge of being mugged! lol

  2. I love handmade bags. I've been crushing on some of these for quite some time :)

    Which one did you end up getting?

    After my own camera bag search, I ended up creating an on going list of options we have out there! I really enjoy sharing my reviews of dslr camera bags and feature the female designers behind each one.