Tuesday, April 27, 2010

don't we all just need a little crazy?

Sidewalk View

This is my street. Obviously, it looks much more interesting using PX100 film than it does when I walk outside and look at it now. I wonder if I'll remember it as this idealized {sepia-toned} neighborhood, or the bizarre amalgam of families, students, and old folks from Poland that it is. When everything turns green again, as just happened last week {seemingly overnight}, I swear my heart feels like it might explode. Amazing, stunning - and all because of a few leaves. I'm sure it has something to do with living in the Arizona desert for nearly 20 years.

Tucson Sky in August

Photo from right outside my last house. I miss those sunsets! We had a trolley that ran in front of our house, which was interesting. We also had an ugly naked guy across the street. Seriously - I'm NOT KIDDING. He had one of those black screens on his door, seemingly having no idea that people can SEE THROUGH the screen, he would stand at the screen peering out onto the street wearing NOTHING. I mean, I know it's Tucson and it's hot, but dude, um, it's OBSCENE. Ah, the color of life. Sorry - no photos of ugly naked guy!

But I digress. In the last week we found a new flat that we'll be moving into in a month. A different neighborhood, different people, different crazy. This current neighborhood honestly just doesn't have enough crazy. And we need another bedroom (for an office! not another child!).

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  1. oooh...you found an apartment! What neighborhood? Perhaps we can meet for some coffee.