Monday, April 26, 2010

feeling overwhelmed

feel space {laughing buddha}

It's not that I don't often feel overwhelmed... I do. Sometimes I realize I'm reading too many blogs, following too many people (and I don't follow many, really) on twitter, looking at too many gorgeous photostreams on flickr - and I start hyperventilating thinking about all the things I could be doing that I'm not!  {along the lines of - why am i not sewing things to sell on etsy? why am i not practicing my photography so i take better exposed, better composed photos? why am i not exercising right this second? wait... when DID i last exercise? why am i not outside right now? when was the last time i went hiking? *is* there hiking around Chicago?}

Well, ok, in reality, although I do waste a lot of time, my husband is finishing up the classes he's teaching this week - lots of work - just got back from a conference, and my dad was in town all week for his own work conference. I haven't had much time to myself. Then there was that pile of computer components sitting in my living room (mentioned those a while back...) - my dad and I put it all together! In fact, I should be downloading drivers for the motherboard and video card right now. But I'm not.

The Impossible Project has released PX600 film, and I'm quite excited to try it. Of course, I don't have an SLR680. Have you seen what people have been paying for those things?! I'm not going to list my cameras (uh, today - I'll probably document them all in the near future, though). So what am I going to put that PX600 in?

Oh, wait - maybe I should throw some more photos in this post (now that I've bored y'all to death):

It's a faucet!

Do I have a problem? Why do I keep wanting to photograph fixtures? Oh, hey, there's this cool bathroom over at the park... but anyhow... Here's a sign that I've enjoyed for the last couple of years {but just photographed last week}:

Trim 'N Tidy Cleaners
(this one is 600 film in my dad's SX70, Alpha 1 Model 2 - he brought it for me to use! seems to have a problem with the gears sticking - the mirror got stuck after one shot)

The weekend was cold and rainy, so I didn't take any photos. Sad, I know. This week I'm hoping to get out to the Chicago Botanic Garden!! How many cameras should I take? Oh, and can you believe my mother asked why I couldn't just shoot digital? I'm feeling misunderstood.


  1. ...I hear you on feeling overwhelmed. There's so much wonder and too little time.

    Ps. When I was in london years ago, I couldn't stop taking pictures of fixtures and the wonderful public bathrooms. So weird.

  2. Overwhelmed. Yes. There is always something in my head that I should be doing. Never a moments peace. And, the guilt. Oh the guilt...for not always doing something productive.

    I can't wait to see your pictures from the Botanic Gardens!!