Monday, March 8, 2010

Project: Cut the Chaos

This is my desk. Yes, I'm quite serious! Scary, isn't it? Don't you just love the chaos?

Um, yeah. Me, either. Oh, sure, chaos is good for some things. Family gatherings, for instance. When do those ever go as planned? Chaos can be exciting! However, on one's desk it is quite distressing.

This week my task (if I choose to accept it) is to clean off this desk! I've cleaned it off before, but due to attempts to keep small items out of small toddler hands... I tend to throw stuff up there and never find a "home" for it.

To keep me accountable, I will post a photo of my desk by Friday afternoon! There we go. Guess I'll have to accept my task.

In other news - I am SO excited to try out my new Polaroid SX-70. Really hope it works (my last one had light leaks and squeezed goo out of the photographs as it pushed them out of the camera. NOT cool). Hopefully I will have fun photo news on Wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I'm here via your comment on decor8 today. I wanted to encourage you to keep being creative and trying different things like your profile says just over there to the right. Who knows is right! I told my six-year-old son last night, you can never stop growing as an artist. You'll never have it all known and figured out. It's about enjoying the process, not something I'm naturally skilled at by any means. :)

    It reminds me of this on the Happiness Project today, the "arrival fallacy."

    Congrats on your SX-70! I have one too. :) Am out of film however. :(

    Good luck with the desk, I'm in the club with you.