Thursday, May 6, 2010

Impossible Reflections

I love reflections, love the way water reflects the light and mirrors what we see. So beautiful, so ethereal. On Monday I attempted to find something wonderful to photograph for Polaroid Week {I might be stressing myself out over something that is supposed to be fun}. Here's what I found:

forest reflections

I took one photo on Monday. That was it. I turned into the short road going to a forest picnic area, glimpsed the water in a clearing reflecting the trees, stopped the car, jumped out, framed the photo, pressed the button... and hopped right back in the car. Honestly, I was absolutely thrilled with the results. It's not exactly what I'd planned to take in the forest. The orange hue was not what I wanted, either, but it was warm outside, and that's what PX600 does. But, oh, that reflection...

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