Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visiting the Garden

I can't garden. Seriously, I kill stuff. Once, back in college, I got a job taking care of plants for genetic research. Sadly, although I was interested in genetics, I had no plant-raising skills, and the job did not last very long. I hope I didn't do too much damage to the plants and research.

Perhaps due to my lack of botanic skill, I am fascinated with gardens and gardening. Photographing trees and flowers! Animals in captivity are less exciting than plants in captivity. I've been to the botanic garden here at least a dozen times since I moved to Chicago. I have visited the zoo once {my sister was intrigued by the length of the zebra's... well, that's another story}.

I only brought the Spectra camera and the dSLR - you know, one already feels like a pack mule when bringing a toddler anywhere. Here are a few of my favorite shots {all digital - I am not adept at the use of the Spectra and was underwhelmed by the results}:

14 May 2010

garden landscape

14 May 2010
{wish that couple were wearing something colorful!}

yummy flowers


Sorry for boring everyone with more botanic garden photos! Believe me, it will happen again {probably soon}. Hope you are all enjoying your spring!

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