Saturday, May 1, 2010

oh, happy spring tulips!

Field of Tulips

Crabapple Tree Flowers

Pink and Yellow Tulips

Pink Tulip

Just a few shots from the Chicago Botanic Garden yesterday. Weather was lovely (although a bit windy), and I've still got a headache from the whole thing. School is now over, and summer craziness will set in soon. In case you don't know - that's when you think it's going to be relaxing, then suddenly it's August and you forgot to do all those nice, relaxing things.

What's on the agenda? Visiting my in-laws. Maybe, if we can find someone to watch the cats. And quickly, as I'm not sure how much time my mother-in-law has. I suspect that trip (if it happens) could be... taxing. My husband will definitely be going. Then, he's got a trip to check out some archaeological sites. My youngest sister is graduating from High School, but I suspect I won't make it for that. June we'll be moving across town. Maybe we'll have a visit from my mom (which would be both awesome and stressful because that makes too many strong personalities in one house). Then there's a trip to Boston (again, archaeology-related, and not for me). Then, my toddler is turning TWO. And then, suddenly, it's August and we're back to the school routine. It's going to fly by, isn't it?

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  1. I'm finding that the older I become, the more I measure my time in schedules. And it seems like it passes before it even begins.

    I'm not sure how to get out of that trap, but I think it's critical.